19 mai Ladus News: Spring Sips

Spring ignites the senses, invoking change and renewal. Warm breezes and brighter days encourage outdoor activities and the gathering of friends. Patios both at restaurants and in backyards come alive with conversation, light spreads and plenty of beverages to sip. For wines, spring marks a transitional...

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11 mar The bargain barrels – By Jancis Robinson –

"" Perennially underpriced are Beaujolais and Muscadet, both French staples that were once much more fashionable than they currently are. Beaujolais has seen the most amazing turnround in style and ambition, with a new generation determined to make wines much more in the image of red burgundy...

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prowein-2016_fr SIGNATURE

07 mar PROWEIN 2016

Retrouvez-nous au salon Prowein à Dusseldorf du 13 au 15 mars stand n°E85 HALL 11! Find us at Prowein in Dusseldorf from March 13th to 15th booth n°E85 HALL 11!   ...

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29 déc Muscadet vs Oysters!!

We always say that the best pairing for Oyster is Muscadet. I can tell you it is true! But it exists hundred types of Oysters and a lot of different types of Muscadet! Today, I will give you some clue to pair Oyster and Muscadet. Actually...

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29 déc What about vintage 2015?

Every vintage is different; this is what’s charming about wine. We discover a new wine every year. But do you know why they are different? The main element is the climate. We can’t control temperature and weather but we have to adapt our way to work...

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