Our philosophy

The source of our work comes from the terroir: the soil, the vines and the climate. Since our origin, we have selected what we think the best soils are to produce our wines.  In order to protect our terroir and preserve a constant quality of our wines, we chose the “Agriculture Raisonnée”.

We believe in the fact there is not only one but SEVERAL TYPES OF MUSCADET. This is why we work parcel by parcel using appropriate wine making processes to every terroir to create various Cuvées.

The diversity of our products is linked to our will to propose a coherent range of wines to our clients, made up of restaurants and shops in France and abroad.

Notre diversité de produits est liée à la volonté de proposer une gamme cohérente à notre clientèle constituée principalement de restaurants et de cavistes en France et à l’étranger.